Increase hair density and cover bald spots instantly

More than just a hair tattoo, the DHI Scalp Micropigmentation (MPG) is the best hair restoration method for those looking for an instant fix. Our MPG practitioners undergo vigorous training at the DHI International Hair Restoration Academy and have years of experience creating 100% natural results.

The DHI Scalp Micropigmentation (MPG)

MPG is an instant, non-invasive hair restoration method for patients experiencing hair loss or those with sparse hair. It is applied to the scalp in the form of small dots or lines between existing hairs to present the illusion of a higher density, or on a totally bald scalp for a clean, shaven look.

The DHI Scalp Micropigmentation is specifically designed for use on the scalp using a non-toxic pigment, and is performed in such a way to achieve an accurate simulation of short hair.


Hair follicles are transplanted with precision and care, ensuring natural results that look and feel great.


The DHI hair transplant ensures a min. of 97% follicle survival rate, leaving you with maximised results that will last a lifetime.


The minimally invasive DHI hair transplant requires only a short downtime after surgery – no pain, no stitches, no scars.


Medically approved and clinically tested, the DHI hair transplant is safe and uses advanced, patented tools.

Surgeons Trained and Certified

By the DHI International Hair Restoration Academy, the one and only organised hair restoration academy in the world, which is regulated by strict DHI standards and protocols to ensure our patients receive the best results every time.

4 Steps of a DHI Facial Hair Transplant


A careful and detailed examination of the scalp and medical history is done to determine if you are a suitable candidate for MPG.


Our DHI Hair Specialists will propose a hairline design in line with your expectations.


Our MPG practitioners will apply pigments in bald areas of the scalp following the natural direction and density of your original hair pattern.

Lifelong Results

Walk out of the treatment room with instant, fuller-looking hair.



Certified medical specialists perform the entire procedure
Medical assistants are not permitted to perform the procedure
Extraction process Manual extraction of follicles by specialists using titanium-coated punches Use of motorized extractors which generate heat and damage follicles.
Implantation process No slits or holes are made prior to implantation. Each follicle is inserted directly with the DHI patented implanter in a one-step motion. Slits or holes are created in the recipient aera prior to implantation. Hair follicles are then placed in the slits using forceps in a two-step procedure.
No scalp incisions prior to implantation
NO Scalpels, NO stitches, NO scars
Precise control of angle, direction and depth of implantation
No direct handling of hair follicles
Graft survival rate 97% and more 50% – 70%
Maximum possible density
Natural looking results

Patients Result

Patient Reviews

The staff at DHI Bahrain was very kind and helpful. They got to the root of my hair loss before recommending the right treatment for my condition. Thanks DHI!!

Irfan Z.

I had my hair transplant done and it does not feel itchy compared to my previous hair transplant experience from another clinic. I am very thankful to the DHI team for the great treatment they gave.


Amazed by the great service I’ve got at DHI Bahrain. The team was very professional, took really good care of me, and was very kind throughout the process. Definitely recommending DHI Bahrain for anyone who has hair loss issues.


Got A Question about Male-Pattern Hair Loss?

  • Gives the illusion of a full, youthful head of cropped hair
  • Simulates a full-front, side and rear hairline
  • Restores hairlines for partly bald or fully bald heads
  • Camouflages scarring
  • Hides scars, burns, and birthmarks
  • Boosts the visual effect of a hair transplant

Anyone experiencing hair loss is essentially a good candidate for MPG, especially those who are in the late stage of hair loss and have insufficient donor hairs for a hair transplant.

Depending on the size of the area which needs to be covered, our MPG practitioner will require 4-6 hours to apply the pigments effectively to your scalp for natural looking results.

This is usually done in 1 day but patients can also request the session to be split into 2 days.

MPG is considered semipermanent. While the results may last up to 7 years, the treated area will fade over time since all skin naturally exfoliates itself. Keep in mind that less sun exposure will lead to better long-term retention.

The cost of our DHI MPG procedure depends on the size of the area which needs to be covered. For a partially bald scalp, prices start from RM6,000 onwards and includes a complimentary touch-up session.

Our DHI Hair Specialist will propose a personalised treatment plan for you during the consultation to ensure our diagnosis matches your expectations.

A topical numbing cream will be applied to the scalp prior to the procedure. If you have a low pain tolerance, the vibrating effect from the MPG device may also cause you mild discomfort. In such cases, patients are advised to communicate this with our MPG practitioner who will also inject local anaesthesia to alleviate the discomfort.

Whilst there is no downtime after the procedure, patients are advised to take the following precautions:

  • Avoid washing your scalp for 3 days
  • No swimming, saunas and steam rooms for 14 days
  • Avoid heavy exercise which will cause excessive sweating for 5 days
  • Avoid strong, direct sunlight exposure for 14 days

These precautions are advised to allow the MPG pigments to settle into the scalp for optimal results.

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